Sunday, October 30, 2011

Influences for Character Study

If anything, think of a jilted retired Army Officer, this being the academic equivalent.
Alex Ross' Uncle Sam - An excellent comic, story and graphic-wise.
The Le Gobelin's style of character coloring and build, very stringy.
Andrei Tarkovsky's The Sacrifice - Associating the father protagonist, a mentally scarred patron, who ends up destroying the lives of those he loves.
R. Crumb looks like the Unibomber, just saying.


Character Study

-Name: Glen “X” (Krinski) (Changed his name, associating with the struggles of the “Horn of Jabril,” an African-American –Nation-of-Islam online forum group, who think Farrakhan is “soft.” Glen finds sympathy for all groups, associating himself to not one, but many groups.)

-Age: 63 (Born – April 20th 1948)
-From: Newark, New Jersey

-Residence: Currently Living in His Grey 1974 AMC Grimlin, Lived in a Ranch-Style House in the Suburbs of Roscoe Cove Outside of Newark, New Jersey. He goes to public parks to park his car and to live in his little moving greenhouse. He purifies his own water with boiling and purification (a technique he learned in the Army, very useful in the Gulf, despite never using it). He uses his Gremlin as house, kitchen, bedroom and living; literally living in his car, the problem is finding places outside of parks to live, since there are little parks in New England, and it’s hard to justify living in the Wal-Mart parking lot without raising a few brows.

-Purpose/Career: Now a domestic terrorist, his old job was a career in the U.S. Army as a Gunnery Sargent during the Gulf War. He was coming to retirement age and was left in charge of the firing range for soldiers coming into Kuwait. Believes now that the uranium tipped bullets were responsible for his physical and mental deterioration (although it can be blamed on age and suffering from onset paranoia).

-Family/Friends: Had a wife, Harmony (60) and a son Jason (37) who is married to Heidi (35) with a son Marcus (11). Hasn’t seen his family since the September 11th attacks on the WTC, son worked on the 20th Floor of the South Tower. Glen heard the news and saw on TV the collapse of the South Tower, (imagining that his son has died) the image and idea was so shocking that he suffered the onset of a fugue state, which eventually snapped from, but has affected him into a state of constant paranoia. His son survived the 9/11 attack, and has been on a search for his father and to bring him in for treatment, considering the government has placed him on the 20th spot of the F.B.I.’s most wanted. Glen still visits the house of his son and daughter-in-law to leave a canvas bag full of baby food and diapers. In a mix up, he leaves a bag full of timed pipe bombs, accidentally injuring the mailman, he still hasn’t heard the news of this, but his daughter in law talked his son into moving to another residence closer to the city, saying “he’s lost, there’s nothing we can do, the last step is to move on.” Glen now leaves bags on a house, which has a Realtor’s sign on the lawn, still unaware of the situation at hand.

-Reason for Being: His purpose is to act as a sort of living metaphor for fear terrorism on the home-front, coming from an impressionable mind, who we would associate with a set (mentally) character. He embodies a person who has the feeling of loss and betrayal, from a trusted (U.S. Government) and untrusted (Al-Qaeda/U.S. Government?) source. Imagine Death/Angel of Death from The Seventh Seal who has a mortal existence and more or less a set goal of bringing humanity down to a base level. As such, he believes in most of what the anarchists’ forums on conspiracy websites, his favorite being, which he has looked upon to gather his worldview. In one way, he’s set himself from the shock of 9/11 and his perceived death of his son as a reset button to a mindset of an impressionable youth (he is easily swayed into fighting for causes which are fruitless in their endeavors). One time, he tried blowing up a Planned Parenthood Center (reason being that PP goes to minority neighborhoods to keep the populations down) by throwing a case full of homemade plastic explosives into the door, but accidentally throwing the bag of baby food and diapers, walking away with a time-bomb that he leaves on his daughter-in-law’s door-step. In short, imagine a Keystone Cop, who has taken the mantle of a violent terrorist.

-Fears: Government, Mind-Control, Media Mind-Control, The Existence of the Illuminati, Masons (both the job and the Organization), New World Order, Bugs (Electric and Organic), Narcotics (Illegal and prescription/makes the assumption that the drugs given to him for his psychotic snap has ruined him by destroying the creative centers of his brain, trying to render him a “sheepman/sheeple”), Crowds and Spinach (E-Coli is scary on it’s own, but still sees the reports on of missing disease samples from government transport units, making connections of mistakes to government induced population control).

-Likes/Trusts: Random sources on the Internet, Coen Brothers’ Movies, Favorite Website ( to which he has put his entire trust upon, Trips to Oaxaca, Mexico (Travels to Mexico to escape the country from the FBI, who are trying to apprehend him, before he actually kills someone).

What He Aspires To Be/Do: His Goal is to Spark a Revolution (of all sorts, he wants at least one, it’s on his bucket list), Have the country run by the people by ending the Fed, ending the “Tower of Babel,” that became the “New World Order” with the U.S. Federal Government, End Globalism (one step at a time).

Saturday, May 7, 2011

This Year.

If anything, learning a new skill is a feat in itself. However, the aching pain of doubt that is animation and art, in general, has been riding my back, since I first put money into this program, here at KCAI. When conflicted with doubt, I felt that I had chosen the wrong profession, but as time progressed, I began to see the improvement, not only in my work, but in my fellow classmates. I am proud to say that we are coming into bloom. I can say, that the monkey of doubt has left my back. I am glad to be here, with the group I am with.

This isn't a suicide note, and no, I don't have my pants on.a, as, box, for, his, in, last,

Sunday, March 27, 2011