Friday, August 27, 2010

Hunt and Gather: Animation Sophomore Year Week One

This trail leads to the tar-paved road, can you smell the sun-burnt ankles? A.K.A. my starting point.
First post, here we go... So, I live near this nature preserve known as Burr Oaks; one of the only things in Blue Springs that is worth its weight in nickels. I've always enjoyed this quiet side of the woods (puns are for a-holes...) and for me, it has always preserved its purpose, a place to smoke in private.  Filled with all the splendor of local flora and fauna (while drawing this scene, I got spooked by a deer, Cervidae, the adorable joke...). It seems like the perfect place, granite trails (ash trays), wildlife (four-legged burden), insects (WOAH! IT GOT NEAR MY EAR THAT TIME!!!), and all those cross-country runners from the two local high schools (no, I don't have any more to bum you, sweat bands...), I can always rely on some sort of sight to entertain the soul and mind.
 Before my habit got a hold of my lungs, I walked here as a kid. It was always there and never worried itself to run out of public funding (can't say the same for the overall condition of the city's streets, electricity, public image...), it was the absolute de-rez zone for the child of a master-plan-white-majority-suburban neigborhood. I can't say I always enjoyed the tame nature (sorry spider family, I just wish you were less terrifying and legged) but it was always everyone's litter yard. It invites you too.


  1. Nice shading effects, is it ink wash with pencil?

    I'm not sure if you know this, but the piece should be horizontal.

  2. Concept:
    Well, that's a tough one, because the text is more editorial than specific (which is not a bad thing per se). There isn't really a connection between the images and the text. There is no content that mimics the tone of your musings.

    Both compositions are strong, however the woods drawing is in the wrong orientation. They were both to be horizontal.

    The playground image is quite engaging, but missing tonality and a little attention to the foreground. The woods image is excellent in detail and texture. The only element missing for me is richer contrast. It would help to convey a stronger sense of light and atmosphere. It is a very safe image when first looked at. But then once your text sinks in, it takes on an almost humorous tone. I'm not sure that was your intent, but it does create a slight contradiction. But, if this were a film, you could actually very creatively include that content in the form of sound or characters interacting in a slightly crass way in a traditionally beatific environment.

    Following instruction:
    Pretty good