Friday, August 27, 2010

Hunt and Gather: Animation Sophomore Year Week One, Part Two

It's a two-fer... This is the playground of my elementary school as drawn from memory. I found this place as a sort of refuge from the usual mantra of "get it right, okay, don't, like I care...", a gathering of kids who would all grow up to out-do each other in high school (covers mainly in Facebook friends and Twitter followers, failing at life is an option under No Child, apparently...). It seems innocent now, looking back on this angled and plastic forest, you get thirty minutes to run around, rarely supervised (theory tested, don't go over the fences...). I kind of miss it, it was where your earliest friendships were made and cemented, four-square, tether ball (actually, just a chain...) and walk around. I hope this nation gets a turn around and lets its kids go, let them explore, run, climb, hurt themselves and learn life lessons in the process (don't lose your balance on top of the monkey bars, unless you like cedar chips embedded in your gums...). The playground is important, keep it.

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