Thursday, September 9, 2010


Metamorphosis from Mike Kelly on Vimeo.

I jumped into the metamorphosis with a tabula rasa, I didn't wish to plan anything prior to animating the sequence. I did notice the importance for variance in the movement and flow of the subjects, whether that be "ease in/out" or some sort of stretch or bend. I have no prior experience in making animation as far as making a short or film, so I almost felt crazy when I saw the short, I kept thinking ", I made this..." I did show my friend Justin, and all that I got was "...huh, that's cool..." The hardest task in the project, for me, was the transition between the meta- and the "local" sequences. I found that some sort of outline of the "local" was imperative to complete the transition without it looking too off or guessed. I think I'll study the Survival Book a few more times on timing and next time I'll vary my movements in more ways than one.

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